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Today’s Civil War


Good morning again everyone.  I read an article in the paper today racism.  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that the United States still has trouble dealing with race because of a national "birth defect" that denied black Americans the opportunities given to whites at the country’s very founding.

"Black Americans were a founding population," she said. "Africans and Europeans came here and founded this country together — Europeans by choice and Africans in chains. That’s not a very pretty reality of our founding. (Source Washington Times)


"…but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive,
and the other would accept war rather than let it perish,
and the war came."

Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inaugural Address
4 March 1865


A civil war is a war in which parties within the same culture, society or nationality fight against each other for the control of political power.  Some civil wars are categorized as revolutions when major societal restructuring is a possible outcome of the conflict. An insurgency, whether successful or not, is likely to be classified as a civil war by some historians if, and only if, organized armies fight conventional battles. Other historians state the criterion for a civil war is that there must be prolonged violence between organized factions or defined regions of a country (conventionally fought or not).(Source Wikipedia)

A civil war is  "a war between opposing groups of the same country".(Source Merriam-Webster)

When someone sees or hears the word civil war, most people think about the American Civil War which was fought between the Northern Union States and the Southern Confederate State.  Abraham Lincoln’s intentions of fighting the South did NOT start with abolishing slavery, but to save the Union. Lincoln died in April of 1865 but the Thirteenth Amendment which abolished slavery was not added until eight months later, nearly three years from his "slave freeing" Emancipation Proclamation.

"Your race suffers greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence."(Abraham Lincoln)

Most people you talk to know a great deal about the American Civil War.  It was the bloodiest conflict in America’s history.  People killing people over a disagreement.  Do you know this has happened al a lot in American history?

When Richard Nixon became President, the Vietnam war had been going on for about 10 years.  During this time the United State was struggling.  Citizens wanted Nixon to pull troops out, but it didn’t happen in his term.  A British man by the name of John Lennon was traveling the US in an attempt to get support for a withdraw.  The FBI started watching him and eventually accumulated a 300+ page file on this man.  While he was protesting he submitted papers to become a US citizen.  The US fought it because they thought he was trying to overthrow the government.  He was a peaceful man that wanted the violence to stop.  Lennon had many supporters all over the country.  In 1976 the government eventually gave Lennon his green card. On the night of 8 December 1980, Lennon was shot in front of the Dakota by Mark David Chapman.(Source Wikipedia)

By definition this time in history could be considered a Civil War.  It was between the US Government and it’s Citizens.


I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."(Source US Constitution Online)


Martin Luther King Jr. was gaining followers to get more rights for blacks.  A lot of whites did not like this man.  He was stirring up trouble. 

King was booked in room 306 at the Lorraine Motel, owned by Walter Bailey, in Memphis. The Reverend Ralph Abernathy, King’s close friend and colleague who was present at the assassination, swore under oath to the HSCA that King and his entourage stayed at room 306 at the Lorraine Motel so often it was known as the ‘King-Abernathy" suite. While King was standing on the motel’s 2nd floor balcony, James Earl Ray shot him at 6:01 p.m. April 4, 1968. The bullet entered through his right cheek smashing his jaw and then traveling down his spinal cord before lodging in his shoulder.(Source Wikipedia)

Another case of civil war!  Blacks wanted more rights, whites didn’t want to give them the rights.

Today we have another kind of civil war.  It’s called "Illegal Immigration Reform".  This one is different though.  The blacks gained their freedom, they gained voting rights, they didn’t have to sit on the back of the bus, they could play pro baseball, they could go to collage, and they can now hold public and government jobs.

Mexicans crossing the border have a very hard time when they get to the US. Because of their status, "Illegal", these people have no rights.  They can’t work, own property, vote, and can’t go to school.  But did you know that the government still makes them pay taxes.  If they cannot have a job, how are they going to pay taxes? 

There are two sides to this story.

Most Americans say that illegal immigrants are a strain on our economy. They are taking all the jobs and they live on welfare.

  • If you have a job, why are you worried about them taking all the jobs?  You have a job.  How many more do you want?
  • American teens are not very responsible, and don’t want to get a job.  They want to get drunk, and chase women.

Here are the statistics on welfare recipients:

Traits of families on AFDC by Race

White 38.8%
Black 37.2%
Hispanic 17.8%
Asian 2.8%
Other 3.4%
(Source huppie.com – also has stats on teen sexual behavior)


Whites lead the way on welfare and as you can see from these facts.

These people that are labeled "Illegal Immigrants" are coming here to better their live. They don’t want to take over the government. They are not stealing your job. People are still divided by this.  I don’t know if anyone has died in today’s civil war.  I pray no one does.  Remember your roots.  They were immigrants too.  They fought for what they wanted, and they died for a better life. 

This is a moral issue.  Help help these people!

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Illegal Alien to Legal Resident

WASHINGTON —  House Minority Leader John Boehner, in a shockingly blunt admission Tuesday night to a small group of Republicans, called the immigration bill praised by congressional leaders and the White House a ‘piece of shit," FOX News confirmed Wednesday.

"Illegal aliens would be given legal status 24 hours after their application is filed even without a complete background check. I like this.


As I have said before, I am an American. Born and
raised near St. Louis. I have also been through all the paper work.

My wife and I were married 2 years ago; we have 1 boy and a girl on
the way. Our son is almost 2 now. When she got pregnant this time we
decide in August last year to get her status adjusted. When she first
came here she found out that she could gain status by working for a
company. They would help her get the papers she needed to become a
resident. So she did that. That was almost 10 years ago. The
government only allows so many immigrants per country, per year.

10 people from Mexico, a year, can gain residency.
25 people from Japan, a year, can gain residency.
14 people from Panama, a year, can gain residency.

Now if 20 people from Mexico apply for residency, the first 10 would
be allowed, the remaining 10 would be kicked to next year. Same with
Japan and Panama. Anybody that applies after the limit will go on
next year’s case load.

Now imagine 1500 people coming from Mexico. It would take the last
person 150 years for the government to adjust their status. I don’t
know if you are up to speed on the Prince William County, VA
Immigration Law but before, the only way they would deport the
immigrants, is if they were caught working, distributing drugs or
commits a felony. It is true, they don’t have the right to work, but
if you were the last of the 1500, do you think
you could live jobless for
150 Years? Now, after the visa runs out then you are classified
an "Over Stay". My wife came to the country legally. As long as
she’s not working, selling drugs or committing felonies, she can stay.
Now in Prince William County there is a new law they are enforcing really bad.

Prince William County supervisors voted unanimously last night to
approve a resolution that targets illegal immigrants by attempting to
curb their access to public services and increasing immigration
enforcement by local police.


Now the police in Prince William can stop a Hispanic or anyone else
that doesn’t look American, ask them for their papers and detain them
until everything is verified. If Hispanic or anyone else that
doesn’t look American, is walking down the street the police can ask
them for their papers and detain them until everything is verified.
If a Hispanic or anyone else that doesn’t look American is at their
home mowing the grass, their neighbor can call local officers and
tell there is a Hispanic or anyone else that doesn’t look American,
living beside them. Guess what? The police can go to their house,
ask them for their papers and detain them until everything is

This new law has some serious side effects:
There was urgency in the blinking open sign at Carmen Estrada’s
beauty salon Monday, at 2:15 in the afternoon; she had a total of
three clients for the day.
Estrada’s clients, mostly immigrants say they’re done with living in
the area, "They come here and say, it’s the last time coming here, I
have to go from here," Estrada said.

Esterada said, her customers started leaving when the county started
talking about its new immigration policy and now she estimates 70
percent of her business is gone.


Prince William County is about 15-20 miles away from DC. There are
millions of people that live around the DC Metro Area. Fairfax
County, VA hugs Prince William but does not have this law. By the
end of next year I think Prince William will dry up and die because
most everyone will move to Fairfax.

Like I said, we have been married for 2 years, 1 boy and a girl on
the way. We heard about this now law and went to talk to a lawyer
about trying to get her case bumped up since she is married to a
citizen. We are scared that something will happen to her and she
will be deported. She would have to leave our children, not knowing
if she would ever see them again. The lawyer told us that we could
resubmit the paperwork to adjust her status. It would only take about
3 months to get a work permit, 6 months to gain status as a
resident. But we had to do it fill out allot of paper work.

-Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker I-140 $475
-Application to Adjust Status from Temporary to Permanent Resident
(Under Section 245A of Public Law 99-603) I-698 $1,410
-Application for Employment Authorization I-765 $340

Do you see the price of those 3 little pieces of paper?
So I think the legal status after 24 hours is a good idea. They can
still process the papers. If there are any problems then revoke their
status. It’s not that hard to figure out. We already paid them $2,000.

Oh, by the way, my wife now has her work permit, and we are
scheduled an interview in May.


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You’ve Been Googled!!


Have you ever wondered if pythons like 3-course meals?  Find out here!

Do you know what the 17th word in Jimmy Carter’s Nobel Prize speech was? Find out here!

Has a Deputy Mayor ever been killed by a monkey in New Delhi? Find out here!

I am asking you these questions to inform you about something deeper.  I found these answers on www.Google.com.  I’m pretty sure almost everyone know what Google is.  For you that don’t know I will explain.  For that that do know, please be patient. 

Google is a web based search engine that offers other services like, email, image browser, news, maps, and more.  I enjoy Google a lot because you can find just about anything that you want.  Google also let you use their web services to help you develop your own software.  I have installed the Google Toolbar, I use GMail, I have even installed the Google SDK (software development kit).  This a very useful site for research, if you are a publish company, student, software developer, or some newbie that wants to explore the Internet. 

A buddy asked me one time what a Google was.  I told him that it’s a search engine.  It’s more complex that that. 

The word Google comes from the word googol.  A Googol is the large number 10100, that is, the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros. The term was coined in 1920 by nine-year-old Milton Sirotta (1911–1981), nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Kasner popularized the concept in his book Mathematics and the Imagination (1940).

1 googol

= 10100

= 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

(Source Wikipedia)

It’s quite brilliant for Google to come up with this.

Now in the past Google has had it’s problems. There has been controversy related to its business practices; there are concerns regarding the privacy of personal information, copyright, censorship, and discontinuation of services.  If you visit WebProNews, they usually keep their readers up to date about Google.

I recently got an email about Google, and it made me want to read their privacy policy.

It states:

Google Privacy Policy Highlights

October 14, 2005

At Google we recognize that privacy is important. This document outlines the types of personal information we receive and collect when you use Google’s services, as well as some of the steps we take to safeguard information. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about sharing personal information with us.


This notice offers highlights of the full Google Privacy Policy, which describes in detail the privacy practices that apply to Google’s products, services and websites worldwide (collectively, Google’s "services"). You can also get more information about the privacy practices for specific Google services in the navigation bar to the left of this notice.

Personal information and other data we collect

  • Google collects personal information when you register for a Google service or otherwise voluntarily provide such information. We may combine personal information collected from you with information from other Google services or third parties to provide a better user experience, including customizing content for you.
  • Google uses cookies and other technologies to enhance your online experience and to learn about how you use Google services in order to improve the quality of our services.
  • Google’s servers automatically record information when you visit our website or use some of our products, including the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your request.
  • Read more in the full privacy policy.


  • We may use personal information to provide the services you’ve requested, including services that display customized content and advertising.
  • We may also use personal information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve Google technologies and services.
  • We may share aggregated non-personal information with third parties outside of Google.
  • When we use third parties to assist us in processing your personal information, we require that they comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
  • We may also share information with third parties in limited circumstances, including when complying with legal process, preventing fraud or imminent harm, and ensuring the security of our network and services.
  • Google processes personal information on our servers in the United States of America and in other countries. In some cases, we process personal information on a server outside your own country.
  • Read more in the full privacy policy.

Your choices

  • We offer you choices when we ask for personal information, whenever reasonably possible. You can find more information about your choices in the privacy notices or FAQs for specific services.
  • You may decline to provide personal information to us and/or refuse cookies in your browser, although some of our features or services may not function properly as a result.
  • We make good faith efforts to provide you access to your personal information upon request and to let you correct such data if it is inaccurate and delete it, when reasonably possible.
  • Read more in the full privacy policy.

More information

For information about specific Google services, please check the relevant privacy notice in the navigation bar to the left, or check out the Google Help page. Google is a member of the EU/US Safe Harbor Program.

For more information about our privacy practices, go to the full privacy policy. If you have additional questions regarding your privacy and Google, please contact us here. Please note that we will not respond to inquiries not related to Google’s Privacy Policy.


First, look at the date: October 14, 2005

That is almost 3 years ago.

2007 Christmas Logo


2007 Thanksgiving Logo


   2007 Halloween Logo

We know by looking at these three logos that they do update their website.  Why don’t they update their Privacy Policy? I recently contacted them and asked them about an update.  As soon as I hear something from them I will update this information for you.

The next thing I want to point out is:

  • "Google collects personal information when you register for a Google service or otherwise voluntarily provide such information. We may combine personal information collected from you with information from other Google services or third parties to provide a better user experience, including customizing content for you."

    They combine information from other services or THIRD PARTIES.

    I understand combining their information, but how do they get information from third parties?  I asked where they get the third party information. Again, as soon as I hear something from them I will update this information for you.

    The whole reason for sending this to web is the email that I received.

    That email states:

    Map Of Your Home

    I have done this and found myself listed–then I deleted ME!!–recommend you do it for obvious reasons–

    This is for USA phone numbers

    Google has implemented a new feature which enables you to type a telephone number into the search bar and hit enter and you will be given the person’s name and address. 

    If you then hit Map, you will get a map to the person’s house!  It’s a nationwide reverse telephone book.  If a child gives out his/her phone number, someone can now look it up to find out where he/she lives.   The safety issues are obvious, and alarming.

    Note that you can have your phone number removed or blocked.  I tried my number and it came up along with the map-quest and directions straight to our house.  I did fill out the removal form for myself, and encourage all of you to do the same. 

    In order to test whether your phone number is mapped, go to Google,  http://www.google.com/ Type your phone number in the search bar (I.e. 555-555-1212) and hit enter. If you want to BLOCK Google from divulging your private information, simply click on your telephone number and then click on the Removal Form. Removal takes 48-hours. 

    Please share this information with friends and family.

  • I have a Google account, and nowhere in the signup process does it ask me for my phone number.  I have never given them my phone number.  I will never give them my phone number.  How did they get it?

    I sent them an email about this too.  Here is what it says:

    I created an account with your website to use GMail.  Nowhere in the signup process did you ask me for my phone number.  But if I enter my number into your search box, my name, address, and a map to my house comes up.  I think this is an invasion of privacy and think this feature should be removed.  If you have children you would understand. 
    What if there is a child rapist working with you and he has your phone number.  Then he could use your website to find out were you live.  He could call in to work one day and go wait for your children to come home.  Then what?  You are at work.


    I suggest that everyone check your phone number on Google.  If it is there, contact them and tell them what you think.  Then request them to remove it.   Here is a link to Google’s Web Search Help Center.  If the link doesn’t work then copy and paste this address into you web browser:


    Always know what your children are doing!

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    The Numbers of Dubya and McCain















    I had a dream about a guy named Dubya Bush.  He’s the take charge kind of guy and if you get in his way, he will move you.  When Dubya was a little boy, his daddy, H Dubya, had a business.  He started out doing really well.  All over the world people were willing to help him accomplish anything he set his mind to.  But after 3 ½ years H Dubya made a major mistake.  He became a liar.  No one wanted him to run the business anymore.

    8 years later Dubya took over the family business.  See, H Dubya taught Dubya some things that would help him in his take over.

    First, he contacted his brother, JB, in Florida.  He said, “Hey JB, I need some help.  I have some friends coming down there to pick up some papers.  Can you keep them busy for about a month?”

    Of course, JB being the good brother was able to help.  He gave them a guided tour of Florida.  They finally got around to getting Dubya’s papers.  When Dubya saw his friends again, he had taken over the family business.

    About a year after Dubya took over the family business, a couple of old drinking buddies from high school decided to fly all the way from Afghanistan to pay him a visit.  Dubya told them to meet him in the Big Apple.  But he called back later and said if they couldn’t find him in the Big Apple, then check at his buddy, DR’s house.  They asked him what the DR’s house looked like and Dubya, said, “Well, it’s right off the interstate.  It’s a big 5 sided house. You cannot miss it!”

    Dubya never got to see his friends.  Their plane crashed.  Dubya didn’t seem to be to upset.

    About a month after Dubya lost his friends, he got bored.  He called up H Dubya and told him that he hit the lottery.  He calls H Dubya and says,”Now, I have all this money.  I have everything that I want.  What am I going to do with the rest?”  H Dubya said, “Do what I did.  Start a war.”

    OK. You are probably wondering what all those numbers are, and why I told you a story about Dubya.  Well if you look at the numbers some of them might look familiar to you. 

    +7,222 – When Dubya’s friend’s plane crashed it caused 2,974 fatalities, not including the 19 hijackers: 246 on the four planes (no one on board of the hijacked aircrafts survived), 2,603 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon. If you take 2974 away from 7222 you get 4248.  As of January 25, 2008, according to a CNN, this is how many coalition soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    +19,000 – This is an estimate of insurgents that have been killed during U.S. occupation in the Middle East.

    +800 – This is how many millions of dollars Dubya has asked for to fund his war.

    2017, 3.5, 75000  — These three numbers are special.  Let me explain.

    As you know Dubya has given his support to Presidential Candidate John McCain.  Why wouldn’t he.  John McCain is a decorated war hero.   He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958, and served as a Naval Pilot for 23 years.  He was shot down in Vietnam in 1967 and was a prisoner of war for 5 ½ years.  He was awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and The Prisoner of War Medal. (Source Wikipedia -John McCain)


    John McCain’s behavior says he’s a violent racist that is still bitter over his 5 ½ years as a POW…

    …Sen. Bob Smith, a New Hampshire Republican who served with McCain on the Senate Armed Services Committee, as saying, "I have witnessed incidents where he has used profanity at colleagues and exploded at colleagues . . . He would disagree about something and then explode. It was incidents of irrational behavior. We’ve all had incidents where we have gotten angry, but I’ve never seen anyone act like that."(Source NewsMax)

    …While rising in the GOP presidential polls, Sen. John McCain is facing questions about what some Arizona political leaders view as his quick temper – and whether it might hinder him as president. In a front page article and separate editorial Sunday, The Arizona Republic said it wanted the nation to know about the "volcanic" temper McCain has unleashed on several top state officials Those who have been on the receiving end of a McCain uproar include Republican Gov. Jane Hull, former Republican Gov. Rose Mofford and former Democratic Mayor Paul Johnson of Phoenix. (Source Washington Post)

    On his campaign bus recently, Sen. John McCain told reporters, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." Although McCain said he was referring only to his prison guards, there are many reasons why his use of the word "gook" is offensive and alarming. It is offensive because by using a racial epithet that has historically been used to demean all Asians to describe his captors, McCain failed to make a distinction between his torturers and an entire racial group. (Source seattlepi.com)

    In March, Republican presidential candidate John McCain was asked about fathers’ concerns over family law at a mid-day town hall meeting in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Shared parenting activist Tony Taylor asked McCain if he “would be bold enough to address the issue of equal access to children for fathers that have gone through divorce.” McCain testily replied: “I’m sorry to disappoint you, I am not going to overturn divorce court decisions. That’s why we have courts and that’s why people go to court and get a divorce. If I as President of the United States said this decision has to be overturned without the proper appeals process then I would be disturbing our entire system of government… But for me to stand here before all these people and say that I’m going declare divorces invalid because someone feels that they weren’t treated fairly in court, we are getting into a, uh, uh, tar baby of enormous proportions.” (Source Fathers and Family)

    It is estimated that by 2017 there will still be 75,000 US troops in Iraq, and we would have spent 3.5 Trillion dollars on the occupation.  Now if McCain has a temper like the above mentioned says then he won’t pull troops from Iraq.  Now we add that temper to the racist remarks, we have a major problem.

    Dubya says he will be ok with troops staying in Iraq for the next 50 years.  McCain says he’s comfortable with 100 years.

    John McCain’s 100 Year War

    "I don’t think Americans are concerned if we’re there for one hundred years or a thousand years or ten thousand years." He also added that under his plan permanent bases would be "necessary" and again noted that an indefinite occupation would be fine so long as "the Iraqis are doing the fighting and dying." Finally, just last week, when questioned about these statements McCain declared that "anyone who worries about how long we’re in Iraq does not understand the military and does not understand war," and that even asking the question about how long the United States was going to be in Iraq was "insulting to one’s intelligence."(Source Minnesota Daily)

    Can you image a 100 year war?  If you take $3,500,000,000,000(estimate by 2017) and divide it by 16 years (Starting in 2001 and Ending 2017) that’s $218,750,000,000 a year. $218 billion.  Now take that 218 billion and multiply it by 100 you have a grand total of $21,875,000,000,000. Are there that many trees on the planet?  How are we going to feed our troops?  We might as well just destroy the whole planet.  Makes you want to stop and think about having children.  What kind of world are we going to leave them?

    Hillary, I think your husband was a very good president.  He didn’t inhale, but I’m pretty sure he had fun with ML. You are going to inherit a major mess.  But I know you will get the vacuum out and get all the crud out from under the bed.  You won’t miss the spider webs in the corner, and your closet will be clean.  Good Luck ma’am.

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    Don’t Follow W.Bush


    Since this country was formed, immigration has been a big part of its development.  Everyone came here to make a better life of themselves and their families.  Big dreams came on clipper ships filled with hundreds of thousands of people.  Thousands died on their way to a better life.

    I never had to deal with immigration when I was in the Heart of America.  The only thing we wanted to do is party, jump off bridges and passout.  The closest we got to immigration is when we were talking about St. Augustine, FL, “The Oldest City in the US” and the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

    Let me tell you about the “Oldest City in the US”.

    St. Augustine was founded forty-two years before the English colony at Jamestown, Virginia, and fifty-five years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts – making it the oldest permanent European settlement on the North American continent. (Oldcity.com)

    On August 28, 1556, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed on the coast of Florida.  Eleven days later, he and his 600 soldiers and settlers came ashore at the site of the Timucuan Indian village of Seloy.

    What kind of name is Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles?  Is it English? Is it French? Is it Russian?  Is it German? Is it African?  Is it Arab?  Is it Chinese?  Is it Japanese?   Is it Italian? Is it Indian?  NO!  It is a Spanish name, from Spain, before the English.

     Take a look at the Pilgrims for a minute.

    Who were the Pilgrims?

    The Pilgrims began as a religious group who felt that the only way to practice their religion was to separate from the Church of England.   These "Separatists" centered around Scrooby, a village in Nottinghamshire in the English Midlands. In 1607-08, the congregation moved to Amsterdam and in 1609 to the city of Leiden in the more religiously tolerant Netherlands. The community began to move to America in 1620. (Pilgrim Hall Museum)

    They came here because the only way they could practice their religious beliefs is to move away from the Church of England.  In other words, they wanted to make their lives better.  They were tired of their way of life holding them back from something more. 

    Well if you remember from high school, the pilgrims didn’t do very well the first year they came to this “New World”.  A lot of them died, and all of them probably would have died if it wasn’t for a select group of people, the Indians. 

    I don’t know if this saying was said back then but it goes like this, “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat every day.”   Or something like that.

    Those Indians helped the pilgrims by teaching them many things about the ground, the water and the weather.  And that second year in the “New World” was wonderful.  That’s how Thanksgiving was formed. 

    "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door." (Statue of Liberty)

    When I read this, I wonder why it’s still here.  October 28, 1886 in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution, the Statue of Liberty’s symbolism has grown to include freedom and democracy as well as this international friendship.   When immigrants from the old world came across the ocean and seen this statue, they knew they had a better opportunity to improve their lives.  Over 300 years before this statue was made, the Indians were already living by the quote.

    Mexican woman takes sanctuary at Chicago church to avoid deportation

    Flor Crisostomo, said she left Iguala Guerrero, Mexico, after she was unable to find a job that would allow her to buy enough food for her two boys and one girl, ages 9 to 14. She earned about $360 a week, sending $300 to her children for food, clothes and school books, she said. To keep her own costs down, she lived with four other women in a two-bedroom Chicago apartment.

    She lived on $60 a week so her children could eat and have cloths.  How many people can live on $60 a week?  I can’t.  My rent alone is $900 a month.

    "My children’s lives improve a lot as a result," she said. "It wasn’t luxury. But it meant they could survive."

    She paid “a smuggler to drive her across the U.S. border in 2000, spurned a deportation order Monday and moved into Adalberto United Methodist Church. Crisostomo hopes her actions send a message similar to Elvira Arellano, inset, who became a beacon of hope for millions of illegal immigrants and a lightning rod for those who saw her brazen refusal to leave the U.S. as proof of lax enforcement. “ (source ABC News)

    Immigration authorities raided more than 40 IFCO sites in the U.S. in 2006 and arrested Crisostomo, along with more than 1,100 other people were arrested by immigration. The Board of Immigration Appeals last year denied Crisostomo’s appeal and told her to leave the United States by Monday Feb. 4, 2008.

    Immigration crackdown begins in Prince William County

    After months of preparation, Prince William County police yesterday implemented a plan to curb illegal immigration in the county. The police department crackdown on illegal immigration was mandated by the Prince William Board of Supervisors last year. Although some activists and residents remain concerned about the possibility of racial profiling against Hispanics, Police Chief Charlie T. Deane said yesterday that officers have been thoroughly trained to build probable cause based on facts, not just race or ethnicity.

    Ethnic Cleansing of Prince William County? Latino Exodus Follows Passage of New Law

    "Supporters of the anti-illegal immigration measure adopted in Prince William County last week have argued that its most important purpose is to send a powerful signal to the county’s mostly Latino illegal immigrants that they are no longer welcome. It appears the message has already been received: Terrified that new policies will lead to mass deportations, illegal immigrants and the many legal immigrant relatives and friends who live with them have been moving out of Prince William ever since July, when county supervisors first approved the plan’s outline.

    I live around Prince William County.  Most of the people there just want to be left alone.  I know a lot of illegals that pay taxes with a Federal Tax ID Number.  They live their lives just like anyone else.  They follow the laws.  They have drivers license.  They work 2 or more jobs.  They have children.

    Some of them have been here more than 10 years and never had any problems until now.

    I really don’t understand!?  When you go to McDonald’s and order a large #3 and a Coke, who is waiting at the pickup window, giving you a big smile?  Who is that guy cleaning out your gutters or mowing your lawn?  Who is cleaning the bathrooms at three different grocery stores?

    “yall crazy im an immigrant the problem is the immigrants are workers not terrorist so the president is the one who made the immigration……”

    Posted by:
    milagros760 Mar-8


    “If it was you living in horrible conditions you too would try anything to come to the United States to get a little freedom! Think about if you were them! “

    Posted by:
    nh0327 Jan-30

    One last question.  Mr. Business man, what are you going to do when you’re looking for a nice fat hamburger?  Are you going to make it yourself?  Probably not.  I think you will get mad.  Are you going to uproot that tree that has been in your front yard, dead for a year?  I doubt it.

    I think George W Bush is trying to get rid of everyone that is not like him.  He has money.  He owns a huge ranch.  He has traveled the world.


    Allegations of substance abuse have arisen during the political career of George W. Bush leading to controversy. Bush has admitted to abusing alcohol until he was age 40. (source Wikipedia)

    Secret Service and intelligence officials are reportedly concerned about public safety while Mr. Bush has access to nuclear weapons without being subject to random drug testing to determine how the addictions are affecting his ability to govern.

    If this doesn’t say something to you then you can see my Google search – bush alcoholic – right here.

    Before you start following the Programmers think on your own.  Do you think like this because other people tell you to think it?




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