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I had a dream about a guy named Dubya Bush.  He’s the take charge kind of guy and if you get in his way, he will move you.  When Dubya was a little boy, his daddy, H Dubya, had a business.  He started out doing really well.  All over the world people were willing to help him accomplish anything he set his mind to.  But after 3 ½ years H Dubya made a major mistake.  He became a liar.  No one wanted him to run the business anymore.

8 years later Dubya took over the family business.  See, H Dubya taught Dubya some things that would help him in his take over.

First, he contacted his brother, JB, in Florida.  He said, “Hey JB, I need some help.  I have some friends coming down there to pick up some papers.  Can you keep them busy for about a month?”

Of course, JB being the good brother was able to help.  He gave them a guided tour of Florida.  They finally got around to getting Dubya’s papers.  When Dubya saw his friends again, he had taken over the family business.

About a year after Dubya took over the family business, a couple of old drinking buddies from high school decided to fly all the way from Afghanistan to pay him a visit.  Dubya told them to meet him in the Big Apple.  But he called back later and said if they couldn’t find him in the Big Apple, then check at his buddy, DR’s house.  They asked him what the DR’s house looked like and Dubya, said, “Well, it’s right off the interstate.  It’s a big 5 sided house. You cannot miss it!”

Dubya never got to see his friends.  Their plane crashed.  Dubya didn’t seem to be to upset.

About a month after Dubya lost his friends, he got bored.  He called up H Dubya and told him that he hit the lottery.  He calls H Dubya and says,”Now, I have all this money.  I have everything that I want.  What am I going to do with the rest?”  H Dubya said, “Do what I did.  Start a war.”

OK. You are probably wondering what all those numbers are, and why I told you a story about Dubya.  Well if you look at the numbers some of them might look familiar to you. 

+7,222 – When Dubya’s friend’s plane crashed it caused 2,974 fatalities, not including the 19 hijackers: 246 on the four planes (no one on board of the hijacked aircrafts survived), 2,603 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon. If you take 2974 away from 7222 you get 4248.  As of January 25, 2008, according to a CNN, this is how many coalition soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq.

+19,000 – This is an estimate of insurgents that have been killed during U.S. occupation in the Middle East.

+800 – This is how many millions of dollars Dubya has asked for to fund his war.

2017, 3.5, 75000  — These three numbers are special.  Let me explain.

As you know Dubya has given his support to Presidential Candidate John McCain.  Why wouldn’t he.  John McCain is a decorated war hero.   He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958, and served as a Naval Pilot for 23 years.  He was shot down in Vietnam in 1967 and was a prisoner of war for 5 ½ years.  He was awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and The Prisoner of War Medal. (Source Wikipedia -John McCain)


John McCain’s behavior says he’s a violent racist that is still bitter over his 5 ½ years as a POW…

…Sen. Bob Smith, a New Hampshire Republican who served with McCain on the Senate Armed Services Committee, as saying, "I have witnessed incidents where he has used profanity at colleagues and exploded at colleagues . . . He would disagree about something and then explode. It was incidents of irrational behavior. We’ve all had incidents where we have gotten angry, but I’ve never seen anyone act like that."(Source NewsMax)

…While rising in the GOP presidential polls, Sen. John McCain is facing questions about what some Arizona political leaders view as his quick temper – and whether it might hinder him as president. In a front page article and separate editorial Sunday, The Arizona Republic said it wanted the nation to know about the "volcanic" temper McCain has unleashed on several top state officials Those who have been on the receiving end of a McCain uproar include Republican Gov. Jane Hull, former Republican Gov. Rose Mofford and former Democratic Mayor Paul Johnson of Phoenix. (Source Washington Post)

On his campaign bus recently, Sen. John McCain told reporters, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." Although McCain said he was referring only to his prison guards, there are many reasons why his use of the word "gook" is offensive and alarming. It is offensive because by using a racial epithet that has historically been used to demean all Asians to describe his captors, McCain failed to make a distinction between his torturers and an entire racial group. (Source

In March, Republican presidential candidate John McCain was asked about fathers’ concerns over family law at a mid-day town hall meeting in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Shared parenting activist Tony Taylor asked McCain if he “would be bold enough to address the issue of equal access to children for fathers that have gone through divorce.” McCain testily replied: “I’m sorry to disappoint you, I am not going to overturn divorce court decisions. That’s why we have courts and that’s why people go to court and get a divorce. If I as President of the United States said this decision has to be overturned without the proper appeals process then I would be disturbing our entire system of government… But for me to stand here before all these people and say that I’m going declare divorces invalid because someone feels that they weren’t treated fairly in court, we are getting into a, uh, uh, tar baby of enormous proportions.” (Source Fathers and Family)

It is estimated that by 2017 there will still be 75,000 US troops in Iraq, and we would have spent 3.5 Trillion dollars on the occupation.  Now if McCain has a temper like the above mentioned says then he won’t pull troops from Iraq.  Now we add that temper to the racist remarks, we have a major problem.

Dubya says he will be ok with troops staying in Iraq for the next 50 years.  McCain says he’s comfortable with 100 years.

John McCain’s 100 Year War

"I don’t think Americans are concerned if we’re there for one hundred years or a thousand years or ten thousand years." He also added that under his plan permanent bases would be "necessary" and again noted that an indefinite occupation would be fine so long as "the Iraqis are doing the fighting and dying." Finally, just last week, when questioned about these statements McCain declared that "anyone who worries about how long we’re in Iraq does not understand the military and does not understand war," and that even asking the question about how long the United States was going to be in Iraq was "insulting to one’s intelligence."(Source Minnesota Daily)

Can you image a 100 year war?  If you take $3,500,000,000,000(estimate by 2017) and divide it by 16 years (Starting in 2001 and Ending 2017) that’s $218,750,000,000 a year. $218 billion.  Now take that 218 billion and multiply it by 100 you have a grand total of $21,875,000,000,000. Are there that many trees on the planet?  How are we going to feed our troops?  We might as well just destroy the whole planet.  Makes you want to stop and think about having children.  What kind of world are we going to leave them?

Hillary, I think your husband was a very good president.  He didn’t inhale, but I’m pretty sure he had fun with ML. You are going to inherit a major mess.  But I know you will get the vacuum out and get all the crud out from under the bed.  You won’t miss the spider webs in the corner, and your closet will be clean.  Good Luck ma’am.

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